We just finished up a long weekend and it was much needed.  While yesterday was a bit quiet around my house, I had my whole family together on Sunday afternoon.  Once you have an adult child, you begin to really appreciate the times when you are surrounded by ALL of your kids (yes, that day will come for you, too).

While I did have my phone beside me – because, let’s face it, babies don’t go by a holiday schedule, I really tried to unplug for the most part.

I sat by the pool watching my children splashing, squealing and playing while the air rang with happy peals of laughter.  The sun was shining brightly and I soaked it in (with my sunscreen on, of course!).  However, I didn’t realize that as I was absorbing this lovely Vitamin D that the sunshine was absorbing something from me.  It was absorbing my stress, my cares, my never-ending to-do list, my discouragement, and my general feelings of being overwhelmed.  I’m a pretty go-with-the flow kinda girl and I don’t really worry about much, however, I do “take on” too much.  By “take on” I mean that I my mind is always full.  I am always thinking about how I can make life better, how I can give my clients the best birth possible, and how I can best teach my children to become amazing adults one day (one down, six to go).  My mind is thinking about my next facebook post, the next meeting, the next event, the next email, the next… well, you get it.  I also tend to take on situations that don’t always involve me, which is why I don’t watch the news.

However, yesterday by the pool was different.  I didn’t take on anything.  I just simply lived in the moment and it was glorious.

I need more days like that, and I’m guessing that you do, too!  No matter what you have going on in your life, if you are pregnant, I am I think it is a safe bet that your mind is swirling with thoughts such as: Which is best breast pump? Who should be my doula? What if my doctor suggests an induction? What if my fail my sugar test? When should I take a birth class? What if a complication arises? What if I can’t handle labor? What if this baby doesn’t arrive by the due date? What if this baby never comes and has to live the rest of its life in my womb (just how will I get college textbooks in there?!?)?

Let me encourage you to find YOUR way to just simply be.  Perhaps it is through prayer or meditation, a long drive, a walk by the lake, knitting, yoga, or exercise. We can all unplug in our way, you just need to determine which way is best way for you today.  It’s is time to lighten your load… the one on your shoulders, anyway!  There is such a delight to just unplug and live in the moment – even if it is just for 10 minutes.