Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach a lovely couple a private Spinning Babies Parent Class in their home.  This was not their first birth rodeo, but it was their first exposure to Spinning Babies.  They had previously purchased the class video, so when I talked to them, I assured them the video was great so they may not need the class.  Those of you who know me will hopefully agree that I am not pushy or sales-ish – I want to help people, but I never want anyone to feel taken advantage of.  I explained that many people like the in-person class because it allows them to have hands-on instruction from a certified Spinning Babies® Parent Educator (did you know I’m the only one in South Carolina?!?).

This sweet couple was excited to learn and appreciated the interjections that I made from my personal and professional experiences – they liked it even more than the video.  In addition, they realized that doing the techniques correctly makes a big difference.  I think the husband was ready to start the Spinning Babies praises from the rooftop and shared that he wished more midwives and doulas knew about Spinning Babies.

While the Spinning Babies® Parent Class is not a replacement for a full childbirth class, it is a great addition to learn more about the babies role in birth and how you can work with your baby.  There is so much emphasis placed on dilation and effacement during labor, but there isn’t nearly enough focus on “Where’s Baby?”  It matters where your baby is located in regards to station and position.  A baby who is asynclitic, which is the medical way of saying the baby is cattywampus (translated from the Southern it means the baby’s head is slightly tilted and the baby is not in line with the birth canal), needs a bit more time to get into a good position.  If a cesarean is needed for “Failure to Progress” is often because the baby was not in a good position for birth. Did you know that HALF of US cesareans are performed for “Failure to Progress”??? While there are techniques that parents can use to help a baby get into a better position, many are not familiar with them… but they can learn through the Spinning Babies® Parent Class.

I try to offer the Spinning Babies® Parent Class monthly and keep the classes small since it requires me to watch each couple practice each technique.  It is a great tool for parents who desire comfort in pregnancy, more ease in labor, decrease their chances of a cesarean, or learn techniques to help with a VBAC.  Personally, I LOVE teaching this class and always throw in extra nuggets of info to help expectant parents.  I wish every couple could go through this class at least once!

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