I have been been a mother for 21 years and it has occurred me (okay, it has gripped me so fiercely that tears have come to my eyes and my breathing feels a bit labored) that I am now in the season of experiencing the last of the firsts with my kids.  Unlike “the last time” where you don’t know it is the last time, the last first time for something is a time you can both cherish that it’s a sign that your job of mothering is slowly shifting and knowingly mourn that it is an end of an era.

What put me in such a pensive mood this morning you ask? My sweet baby, who just turned 5 years old about 2 weeks ago, lost her very first tooth this morning.  I heard her little feet pitter patter downstairs and she burst into my bedroom earlier than I wanted to open my eyes, but I could tell she was excited, so I greeted her with a smile and a “Good morning, GG!”  She bounded on my bed, bubbling over with enthusiasm to share in her delight of losing her FIRST tooth. That is her to the left, a few hours later, still with a proud smile (and a few Oreo crumbs on her mouth and fingers because life is too short not to celebrate, right?).

GG is my 7th child, so lost teeth are pretty common around here (and they normally come out on purpose). However, the LAST first time for my last child… this last first is new and feels so final.  I can’t even type that without getting a smothering, teary, nostalgic feeling.

What I want you to take from this little post is to ENJOY all the good moments, cherish those last firsts, and look forward to the new last firsts that you will experience.  I have seen where this journey of motherhood can take you and it can be GLORIOUS.  These sweet little cherubs (even though some days they are like little devils) grow up, and that, after all, is what is supposed to happen.  We never stop mothering our children, but as they grow up, we change the way we mother.  And in time, if all goes as planned, we transition from just a mother, to a mother who is also a trusted friend.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go lock myself in the bathroom so I can have my panic attack in peace 😀


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