This year I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary as a doula.  In my memories, I can still see the faces of the sweet mommas I have supported as I fondly remember their births.  All of the births have been beautiful whether they were the ideal or not.  I count it such a joy that these precious parents have welcomed me into their family during such an amazing moment.

That amazing moment… the moment of birth… yet, as a doula, I am there for more than just that one moment.  Let’s take a look at the moments you may share with your doula.

If you are blessed enough to find your doula early, she may be one of the first to know your exciting news (this has been true with my precious repeat families).  She rejoices with you as she shares this moment of new beginnings.

You doula is there for you when you have a question that you just don’t deem OB worthy or perhaps it is after-hours and not an emergency.  Your doula shares her knowledge and experience with you. In this moment your doula calms your fears.

Your doula is there for you when you need resources or a list of other birth professionals such as a great chiropractor, photographer, or birth class. As your doula points you to amazing resources, she shares a moment of trust with you.

Your doula is there if you receive disheartening news.  She will show you love, support, and compassion when you need it most. Your doula hurts when you hurt and your doula shares comfort with you in this moment.

Your doula is there to help you learn what to expect in the location you plan to birth: in the hospital, in a birth center, or at home.  She will also prepare you to understand the most used terms surrounding labor and birth. You doula is there in this moment to prepare you.

Your doula will help you to dispel fear. She will teach you about comfort measures and laboring positions.  She will teach you what you can do when everything is normal and she can share options with you to use when your birth plan takes a detour. When you are relaxed and at ease, labor can be smoother and faster. Your doula is there in this moment to help you feel at ease.

Your doula will be there when you are laboring and you need someone to help you focus.  She will arrive no matter what time of the day or night and she will drop whatever she is doing when you call.  Your doula has been planning her days with this call in mind. Your doula will excitedly join you in this moment.

And yes, your doula will be there when you feel like giving up while laboring.  She will be there to walk the halls, rub your abdomen, compress your hips, play tug-of-war, wipe your forehead, and be one of your biggest cheerleaders as you work towards THE MOMENT that you have all anticipated. Your doula will be by your side during your laboring moments.

Your doula will be there, with pride in her eyes, as she watches your new family bond.  She knew you could do it and you did. Your doula is there in the moment you become a mother (or a mother again).

Your doula will be there in the weeks following the birth when you have a question or when you feel discouraged. Your doula will meet you where you are and help you navigate these early days with your new baby.  Your doula will be there in the uncertain (and sleep deprived) moments.

Then you will realize that your doula, who has been there during all these moments, is not just your doula, but she is your friend and a part of your family.

As your doula, whether past, present, or future, I love that we are family and that I can be there for all of these moments.

Your Cradled in Love Doulas are looking forward to sharing some of these moments with you.

With Love,

Photo Credit: Glenn Allison