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I want to more prenatal / postpartum visits than the packages have listed. Can I add more?

Absolutely! We want you to feel prepared for your upcoming birth and have the support you need after your baby arrives. We are always happy to customize a package to meet your unique needs.

What makes your Childbirth Class different from the class offered by the hospital?

Both the Intensive One Day Class and 4-Week Childbirth Series offers more in-depth information than is currently being offered by the local hospitals. The birth classes offered by the Cradled in Love Birth Services will equip you for normal births as well as variations of normal. You will learn how to make educated choices during labor, comfort measures for labor and birth, and information on navigating the postpartum period.

Should I consider a Doula even if I plan to get an epidural?

Your Doula will offer caring and encouraging support to you whether you choose to birth with, or without, an epidural. Mothers who plan to have an epidural receive help from their doulas in the following ways: assist with comfort measures in early labor, learn what to expect when they receive their epidural, are supported and encouraged as they birth their baby, and receive support in the immediate postpartum period. Many families also choose to continue their Doula Care at home through Postpartum Doula Visits.

When does my Labor Support Start?

Most labors start slow and the contractions will intensify over a period of hours. When you feel you need support to focus through contractions, just let your Doula know you are ready for her to join you.

For parents who have chosen The Doula Circle as their support team, your labor support will begin when you are in active labor and at your birthing location.

For parents who have chosen an Exclusive Doula, the easiest answer to this is simply “when you need your doula.” 

Why is a Prenatal Visit important? I feel like I have already prepared myself for birth by taking a class and reading books.

While education is greatly encouraged, we encourage prenatal visits because it gives you a chance to bond with your doula as you sit together to discuss the desires for your birth. It gives you an opportunity to share your hopes and fears; it gives your doula the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with support and encouragement.

I am planning to birth in the hospital, won’t the nurses support me during labor and delivery?

Nurses are caring and supportive, however, chances are you won’t be their only patient. The nurses will pop in to check vitals and can help as time allows, but they cannot give you 1-on-1 care while you labor. Your doula works for you (not your Care Provider and not your Hospital) and you will receive full support from your doula while you labor and birth.


From Our Clients

"Dana is a caring, supportive, and wonderful doula. She recently attended my home birth and was such a blessing to us. Since my birth happened so fast my midwife's birth attendant couldn't make it. Dana stepped right in and helped the midwife with whatever she needed as well as supporting me, encouraging me, rubbing my back, and reassuring my daughter that everything is fine with mommy. I look forward to some after birth care from her too. I highly recommend Dana."

Sarah G. (Mom)

"Dana was an intuitive, calming presence as my doula. By the time we called her, she was already almost to the hospital, which was way earlier than the nurses had predicted. She gently talked me through the contractions and just soothed me as it was my first baby and it was all new to me! In the end, though I had to be induced (and she helped talk me through some things in regard to my options), I was able to have a natural delivery, which was my hope. I highly recommend Dana!"

Jennaca B (Mom)

"I was very blessed to have [our doula] assist me while in labor with our first child, in 2011. I hadn't known her for very long, but her professional and warm approach, combined with her skills in helping to alleviate pain and problem-solve, were so very helpful. She truly helped to make the labor more bearable with her knowledge and support. I am so glad that she is pursuing doula training in a more professional capacity, as this is truly a gift she possesses, and she will be able to bless many others with her training."

Anne-Marie F. (Mom)

"Dana talked over what we wanted at our birth, different laboring positions, and kept in touch, throughout all of my pregnancy. She was a phone call or text away. When the time came to have our baby, Dana went with us to the hospital and encouraged me during contractions, asked if I needed or wanted to try anything different periodically, and—most important of all!—alternated with Tommy in rubbing my abdomen during contractions to ease the pain. I was in labor for a total of 5.5 hours and she was amazing to have from labor to birth! It was a privilege to have Dana as our doula and would love to hire her again in the future."

Julie C. (Mom)

Proudly Serving the South Carolina Upstate

We serve in the following Upstate locations in SC:  Greenville Memorial Hospital,  Greenville Midwifery, Saint Francis Hospital (Greenville), Patewood Hospital (Greenville), Laurens Memorial Hospital, Greer Memorial Hospital, AnMed Health (Anderson), Easley Baptist Medical Hospital, Spartanburg Regional Hospital, Carolina Waterbirth (Simpsonville), and Labors of Love Birth Center (Spartanburg). We will also serve at midwife attended home births. If your birth location is not listed, please contact us for availability.

Childbirth classes are offered as group classes and private classes.  We currently offer the Evidence Based  Birth Childbirth Class and the Spinning Babies ® Parent’s Class at various locations in the Upstate.

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